Cassini Source Forge site:

The Source Forge project page shows some information about the project hosting, including version control, file releases and some development activity.

Popular 3D engines:

- OGRE ( )

OGRE (Object Oriented Graphics Engine) is, in my opinion, the most mature and usable engine on the OpenSource world. It’s used as a reference in several game/graphics engine programming books, and used in several commercial and non commercial projects.

I’ve learned a lot of things by researching the ogre code, and even some parts of Cassini are based on components of OGRE.

The only problem I’ve found by using ogre is that it’s learning curve is quite long, and you need to read a lot to start doing some things. Apart of this, it’s a really powerful engine, and it has enormous community helping the beginners.

- Irrlicht ( )

Irrlicht is another popular engine I like. It is very mature, and its main advantage is that is really fast and portable. Although it doesn’t have all the features OGRE does, the usage is very easy and intuitive, and it has support for several mesh and images formats.

I’ve also learned a lot from Irrlicht source code, its simplicity and well documented design makes it an awesome resource for people learning 3D graphics development, like me.

Irrlicht is fast and easy, useful for beginners and experienced programmers who are introducing to the 3D world. It also has an important community, and is used in several projects like games and editors.

- G3D Innovation Engine ( )

G3D is another powerful engine using an OpenGL based render, and an optional software ray-tracing render. Its design is very robust, and it has a low level library, providing a flexible framework to the end user. It’s used by several games.

Popular libraries:

- SDL ( )

Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL), is one of the most popular multimedia libraries in the opesource world. It has been used by thousands of popular projects for years. It’s main target is game programming, but it can be used to ensure portability for applications needing to use video, audio, timers, fonts, etc. There is a lot of professional grade applications and games using it.

I strongly recommend trying SDL for those starting with game development.

- Allegro ( )

The allegro library was one of the first libs I used when I started with game development. It is, like SDL, a multi-platform library oriented to game development. It is easier to use than SDL, and it has a lot of documentation.

A real time 3D graphics engine