Cassini engine coming soon

Welcome to the Cassini engine website!!

chiropteradm_02Cassini is an open source 3D graphics engine written in C++. The engine is still under development, and is the result of several years of research from many sources; I’ve started my work with a “learning” engine named “Casandra” ( some years ago. Casandra wasn’t supposed to be a production engine, but just a “research & learn” API that I’ve been developing entirely as a hobby.

So, Cassini will take the foundations of Casandra, and will learn of many other popular 3D engines like OGRE, G3D and Irrlicht. In fact, part of my work is inspired on those awesome engines. Some other parts of Casandra’s code are made by taking ideas from popular forums like or flipcode. And finally, some fantastic books I’m basing parts of my work are: OpenGL Superbible, OpenGL Redbook and OpenGL Shading Language. Game Engine Architecture and Real Time Rendering. I’ll post something about those books soon.

In the upcoming days I’ll be posting the URL for the mercurial repositories. The first alpha version of Cassini won’t be as cool as I’d like, but will be a starting point…